Carpe Ingenium

Création du logo et de la carte de visite.


I worked with Stephane this summer when I wanted to create business cards in the course of my coach training.
Stephan proposed to support me and when we met to discuss the content, it was not about the card itself, but about the image, the messages, my ideas and my philosophy.
He asked me a some key words based on which he came up with a proposal. Stephane captured the essence of what I had in mind with an extremely high precision and turned this into a very modern graphic design.

During our continuous discussions, he showed very high customer orientation, and really tried to help me find my colours, my slogan, my content.
The cards express the message so much better than what I had in mind before! It was a real pleasure to work and co-create with Stephane!

Corinna Wolf
Talent & Organisation Development Manager, Coach